Enhancements and Additional Entertainment

DJ Mav Entertainment offers a variety of upgrades and additional entertainment to enhance your event. Contact us for more information and pricing! More pictures will be added shortly so check back soon…

Additional Enhancements & Entertainment

Additional Hours of Music

Not ready for the party to end yet?  Do you want to go all night long?  Requests for additional hours of music are available in the initial planning stages of your event or during the actual party.  This can be a last minute decision!

Cocktail Hour

If your cocktail hour is in a different location in the venue, we bring an additional setup to maximize sound quality.  Soft background music sets the mood early in the night and adds the perfect touch to the atmosphere.

Ceremony Music

We offer ceremony music and/or wireless microphones based on your specific needs.  We use special speakers that blend into the background so there are no obstructed views and everyone can hear you say “I DO”

Sound Enhancements

Want to feel like you are in a dance club in NYC? Add some heart pounding bass with 1 or 2 650-Watt Subwoofers. Not enough? Keep adding them until you feel like you are at a rock concert.


Uplighting is the hottest new trend today. Transform any room into a whole new world. LED lights are used to create amazing ambient lighting effect. It is a night and day difference! With so many options and colors to choose from, anything is possible and the choice is yours!

Advanced Light Show

There are many different options in turning a basic light show into an amazing visual experience. This upgrade features your choice of lasers, LEDs, DMX Intelligent Lighting and moving heads to light up the room and blow you away!

Custom Gobo Projector

This adds a nice touch to any event. Your customized message will shine onto the dance floor, ceiling or any wall! For example: “Happy Birthday Jenna” “Lisa & Mike” “Your Wedding Date”. Take your customization to the next level.

Photo Slideshow Package

Share your memories with your guests! Pictures & videos will look great on our widescreen projector. This is a great way to keep your guests entertained.

Party Prop Giveaways

We offer a wide variety of handouts to spice up the party. There are so many different choices… glow sticks, party hats, sunglasses, flashing rings, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, blow up props, and much more!

High Definition Plasma TVs

Big screen TVs… enough said!

Additional MC/DJs/Dancers

Do you want more than one entertainer? Our dancers are a lot of fun and will help motivate your guests. We offer multiple DJs to add even more diversity to the playlist. Have you ever seen two DJs spin at the same time?? It’s an amazing show. Do you want an MC? An MC will help motivate your guests and assure smooth transitioning throughout the night…

Ambient Appearance Upgrade

This upgrade features ambient towers, arch truss system and the “mega dj facade” with LED uplighting to enhance the overall appearance of the DJ area. This will make the DJ setup look “BIG” and will make the DJ the center of attention.

BRAND NEW Featured Enhancements

Vinyl Turntable Mixshow

Want to impress your guests and see what it’s like to watch a DJ spin records? The DJ Turntablist puts on an old school style show mixing music, scratching and beat juggling.

Audio Recording

Listen your playlist over and over again. We will record the DJ set in high quality WAV or MP3 format. Audio recordings can be sent directly to you or burned onto a CD and broken up into different tracks so you can enjoy the music anytime.

Music Video DJ

Technology has taken DJing to the next level. Be amazed as your DJ mixes music and music videos at the same time! The beats come through the speakers and the video shine on the big screens. Perfect for Super Sweet 16s!